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How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals Into Online Sportsbooks

At times, making a deposit into an online gaming site is difficult. It is not illegal in any way to play games for money online but the banks have made it difficult to make deposits. Below are the most popular and successful methods of depositing money into online gaming sites. Each gaming site has their own deposit methods so please check and see which methods the site(s) you want to deposit with accept. If you have any trouble making a deposit, even with the proven methods I describe below and I will work with you to get your bankroll to the gaming site of your choice.

Works just like Paypal.

You open an account and link your bank account to your account. Then you go thru a simple and fast verification process. EwalletXpress gives you an immediate way to deposit up to $500 to your favorite gaming sites. Then, any money you put into your account is transferred from your bank account. It’s the easiest and most successful way for US residents to deposit. Safe and secure, it’s our recommended way to deposit. Credit Cards: Most online gaming sites accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro but it’s hit or miss whether the transaction will go thru. Some gaming sites have better success rates than others.

We recommend finding an alternative online ewallet such as EwalletXpress or ones below that will allow you to fund your virtual account with your credit card, then transer these funds to a gambling site. There are also several prepaid credit and debit cards that are working to fund various ewallet accounts. Money Transfer: Use to transfer money to a gaming site. Get the payment details from the play bingo online here site and go to your local money transfer office to send funds. Very easy and safe. Instant Checks, E-Checks or ACH: Some gaming sites still offer this option for US residents.

It works by linking your bank account to the gaming site and making an electronic transfer.

Wire Transfer: Get the wire transfer details from the gaming site and instruct your bank over the phone or in person to send your deposit to them. May take 2-3 business days but very safe, secure and successful. UseMyWallet: You need an invite from the gaming site to join so check that this option is available at the gaming site you wish to deposit with. It’s the sister site to Ecocard (very successful but not available for US residents) and is available to US residents. It’s like a pre-paid debit card or electronic wallet that you fund using your credit card or bank account.

Great reputation in online gaming. Diners Club International and JCB: Some online casino bonuses gaming sites accept these while others do not. Please check with your gaming site to see if they are available. Prepaid Debit Cards: An option available at a lot of gaming sites. Please check the available deposit methods at the gaming site you want to deposit with. 900Pay: Pre-paid debit card option. For more information seek out info at the gaming sites. PrimaPin: A prepaid phone card that some gaming sites accept. ToggleCard: A pre-paid debit card that some gaming sites accept. eCheck: Has limited usage for US players, but still accepts US payments for old players. Solid Debit: Solid Debit Card is a free prepaid debit card. Payment Methods that are NOT Available for US Residents but MAY be Available for Players Outside the US: PayPal: PayPal does not accept gambling transactions directly. One of the original ways to fund your account but now no longer available. ePassporte: They closed their doors for US residents in early 2008. Was one of the easiest and most popular ways to deposit funds but no longer available. FirePay: Firepay has officially stopped accepting gambling transactions from US customers.

Too bad, they were excellent. Instadebit: Instadebit no longer works as a way to deposit into gaming sites. Another old and good one but no more. Neteller: The most popular way to deposit money into gaming sites but no longer available for US residents. Citadel and myCitadel: No longer available. MoneyBookers: No longer available. EcoCard: No longer available for US residents but their sister sites UseMyWallet and Quicktender are available for US residents. UseMyBank, Central Coin, PaySpark, EZIPay: No longer available. Gift Cards or Virtual Visa Gift Cards: Was a successful method for a period of time but it’s no longer avaible to fund gaming sites.

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